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Children's Game Educational Trivia
Roll / Spin and Move

The board game Blunders™ teaches children Ages 5 - 10 about social and dining etiquette in the most unique, interactive, and educational way ever imagined! Players will be engaged and have a good laugh as they try to help Bobby, Brenda, Billy, and Becky Blunder improve their manners. Children Will Learn How To: Have polite table manners and set the table properly Introduce themselves with confidence Use nice manners at school Treat others with respect, empathy, and kindness Be a gracious guest and host Have polite telephone manners Understand the benefits of having good manners Blunders™: Is based on North-American etiquette standards and universal values, such as it is not nice to bully, tease, or gossip Develops players’ logic, kinesthetic, auditory, and visual skills Supports character development in school curriculums Is the perfect game to play at home, school, and with any social organization --From

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