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4th Reich
1 - 2 players
average 120 minutes
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Economic Science Fiction Wargame World War II Novel-based
Hex-and-Counter Secret Unit Deployment

This super-obscure game by Task Force Games is secretly based on the SF-novel "The Iron Dream" by the Jewish author Norman Spinrad. This very controversial novel describes a parallel world in which Hitler wasn't successful with his "Kampf" in Germany and became a successful SF-pulp-novelist in the US. The main part of the book is the actual text of Hitler's "Iron Dream", a pulp-tale about "Ubermenschen" conquering a future world filled with mutant "scum". The idea of Spinrad's novel was to expose fascist tendencies in 50's American literature. The TFG designers transported this "theme" into a board game which plays like a wargame: future Nazis against future mutants. The names of all protagonists have been changed to avoid copyright infringement, but the game clearly takes its slightly tongue-in-cheek approach directly from the book. One asks why this bittersweet parody has actually to be played as a game, but everybody can decide for him/herself I guess...

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