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PitchCar Extension 4: Stunt Race
2 - 8 players
average 30 minutes
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Racing Action / Dexterity Expansion for Base-game
Modular Board

This expansion for PitchCar lets you bring the car-flicking race game to a whole new level – literally. Yes, PitchCar: Stunt Race includes support blocks, ramps and track joiners – along with suggested circuits – that create a two-story race structure that will undoubtedly have your car sailing far beyond the rails as you gun the engine up the ramp. Note, too, that the box cover shows a ramp support being placed in the center of the base level of track, providing an extra challenge on the ground – should working your arm through the supports in order to reach your car not be enough. Expands: PitchCar (but not Carabande)

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