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Crash by Crash
2 - 4 players
average 30 minutes
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Racing Adventure
Area Control / Area Influence Tile Placement Modular Board Variable Player Powers Acting

A fun fair arrived in town. The main attraction are bumper cars. Under the supervision of the grumpy operator it is an entertainment only for the courageous. With your band of young punks, prove that you can drive better than your opponent and claim the best part of the floor for yourself. Players drive bumper cars of their respective teams. More and more cars are allowed to ride with the others. The basic principle of the game is to push others away and to be in the right time on a better positions. The corrupt operator is coursing trough the bumper car floor and he’s trying to keep the attraction in order and working condition. Both bands are trying to convince him to give them some unfair advantages. The operator also has to repair the overhead grid from time to time. Damaged parts of the grid are marked by signal bells. If the bumper car hits the bell, the car is expelled and the grid has to be repaired. The operator will also immediately rate position of all cars. When a car drives in the part which is being repaired, it is disabled. In order to be as much fun as possible, our operator will assemble the car floor differently in each game of “Crash by Crash“.

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