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Timber Tom
2 - 4 players
average 60 minutes
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Racing Adventure Puzzle
Dice Rolling Area Enclosure

Your aim is to hike TWO* of the treacherous mountain peaks of the Split River Valley, claim the pouches of lost gold, and be the first hiker to return to Base Camp (or be the Hiker with the best state-of-resources in a drawn finish). You and your opponents all have the chance to hinder each other's progress by planting forest barriers around the mountains. You also have access to resources which will remove these trees (your axes and chainsaws), or enable you to fly over them (using your helicopter flights). The hiker who best utilizes these resources, including their food supplies, will ultimately win the game. Flash flooding, quicksand, snowfalls, broken bridges, landslides and avalanches are just some of the unpredictable hazards you may have to encounter along the way! Our advice is "Be prepared". Plan your own moves in advance and try predicting moves to be made by other hikers. One false move or miscalculation will often mean the difference between your win or a loss! Ages +10 Other game variants exist (i.e., players can decide before a game how many mountain peak treasures will constitute a win. We recommend TWO treasures as this equates to around 60 minutes of game-play for 3-4 players).

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