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Legend of Zagor
1 - 4 players
average 60 minutes
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Fantasy Miniatures Adventure Electronic

Odd game based on the RPG-like mechanics of the Fighting Fantasy books, with the exploration and dungeon crawling of TSR's Dungeon. The game has superb plastic miniatures and board, and an electronic voice and game moderator similar to MB's The Omega Virus. This game, however, was only produced in Europe. The game was not much of a success, in large part because it came out a bit late to benefit from the hype of the Heroquest phenomenon. Three-level Dungeon: The Chambers of Death, The Hall of Fear & The Crypt of Zagor. Plus: 1 Undead Warlock Zagor figure 1 Merchant Shop Keeper with cat figure 1 Third level monster - Flame Dragon 4 Hero figures: Anvar the Barbarian, Stubble the Dwarf, Braxus the Warrior, Sallazar the Wizard 4 Character sheets, Barbarian; Wizard; Warrior; Dwarf 9 First level monsters: 2 Goblins 2 Orcs, 2 Zombies 3 Skeletons 6 Second level monsters: 1 Troll, 2 Ogres, 2 Chaos Champions, 1 Hellhorn 2 Bridges The Portal of Doom Skull Hall 34 Gold coins 46 Corridor tiles 16 Room tiles 55 Spell cards 24 Treasure chest cards 10-sided die 85 Equipment tiles 4 Stamina tokens 4 Strength tokens 4 Monster Strength tokens 4 Monster Stamina tokens 4 Hireling tokens 4 Sword tokens 4 Chainmail tokens 4 Shield tokens 4 Helmet tokens 4 Axe tokens 4 Magic ring tokens 4 Elven boots tokens 12 Healing potions tokens 10 Torch tokens 11 Magic arrow tokens 4 Mule Tokens

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