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Incan Gold
3 - 8 players
average 20 minutes
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Exploration Bluffing Adventure
Simultaneous Action Selection Press Your Luck

Incan Gold is a quick, fun and tense game in which you and other adventurers explore an old Incan temple in search of gold and treasure. In each of the five rounds, you secretly choose if you want to continue exploring the temple in search of more treasure or retreat to the safety of your camp with your share of the treasure that has been discovered so far. Each time that an explorer braves new territory, more treasure or a danger appears. When a second card of the same type of danger is turned over, all exposed treasure is buried, leaving the remaining adventurers with nothing. Do you flee the dangerous temple with your portion of the treasure that has been uncovered so far or do you venture into the exciting temple in search of more hidden valuables? After five rounds of exploration, whoever has the most treasure is the ultimate explorer and winner! From the publisher: "You and your fellow adventurers travel to Peru to find a ruined Incan temple and its treasures: turquoise, obsidian, and gold. There are also rumors of valuable Incan artifacts. Will you chance dangers like giant spiders, mummies, and fire during your search, or will you escape back to camp and safety, carrying out your loot?" Re-implemented by: Risco Total (Released as an unauthorized game. An agreement has since been made between the authors and the publisher.)

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