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Mystick Companion
2 - 5 players
average 30 minutes
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Card Game

Mystick Companion is an expansion for Mystick Domination, though it can also be played without Mystick Domination. From the back of the box: The world of Mystick grows larger and stranger with the Companion set as the Masters find new ways to create the future with new tarot cards. Each 78-card Companion deck is fully compatible with earlier Mystick cards and also stands alone as a complete game and tarot deck. The Basic Deck contains 78 new cards to get you started with Mystick or to add to your existing Mystick collection. Features - Stunning new classical artwork - Clever new strategies to stretch your imagination - New interpretations of each Minor Arcana card - User-friendly tutorial to get you started playing in minutes - Fast-paced play; playing time 15-20 minutes Integrates with: Mystick Domination

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