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Kraków 1325 AD
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Medieval Card Game Humor
Area Control / Area Influence Hand Management Partnerships Trick-taking

Krakow 1325 AD is a 4-player card game full of trickery, which interacts with a map board. The game was first presented to the boardgaming world at Spiel 08 in Essen (October 2008) in two versions - English and Dutch. The setting is Krakow, capital of Medieval Poland. The players form into two teams of ruthless crooks, which compete for influence and riches through a card game using a deck of 56 special "Intrigue Cards". But below the surface, things get uglier: every player has a hidden Identity and secretly competes against all others, including his own teammate. And there can be only one winner at game end... The game comprises a mapboard, a card set of 56 Intrigue and 8 Special Cards, 4 Treasury boxes, 110 wooden Influence Tokens and 10 Victory Point/Turn markers. Krakow 1325 AD is a game of strategy and trickery, overloaded with original artwork and a warped sense of humour. In October 2009, a 3-player expansion to Krakow 1325 AD was published (English/Dutch and German versions). The game can be ordered directly from the designer/publisher by sending a private mail through Boardgamegeek.

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