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Scotland Yard
3 - 6 players
average 0 minutes
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Dice Deduction Murder/Mystery
Roll / Spin and Move

The criminal is in the city of London. The players are detectives from Scotland Yard who have the mission to discover his hiding place, identify him and capture him. The game board represents the centre of London and is divided into 10 sectors. The detectives must enter in each sector in order to find clues and information. A compartment called "secret report" contains the solution to the riddle. On both sides of the plane are the faces of the suspects. Through an identikit process developed during the game, the detectives will form the face of the real culprit. Content: 1 board game that includes the compartment "secret report" 6 pawns (detectives) 22 cards with the 10 sectors of the plane and the identikit of suspects 3 chips for the identikit Book annotations 1 die

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