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ESPN Jeopardy!
3 - 5 players
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Movies / TV / Radio theme Sports Trivia

User review: One player acts a gamemaster for two to four other players. In most editions there are five categories. Each catagory has five dollar amounts. Behind each dollar amount is a statement of trivia having to do with the category. When a player thinks he or she knows the correect response to a statement, that person signals and responds in the form of a question. A player is rewarded with the amount associated with the statement if correct, and penalized the corresponding amount if incorrect. When the board is cleared, the process is repeated for "Double Jeopardy" with five new categories and double the stakes. One statement in the first round and two statements in the second round are designated as "Daily Double." Only the person who chose the statement may bet any or all of his or her winnings on giving the correct response. Unlike most other editions, the Daily Doubles have been chosen by the publisher. One of the highest valued statements in a category has been saved for the last round, "Final Jeopardy." In this phase, the players secretly bet any or all of their winnings and record their responses. The player with the most amount of money at the end of the game is the winner.

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