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Classic Battletech: Dawn of the Jihad
2 - 8 players
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Science Fiction Fighting Miniatures Wargame Expansion for Base-game
Dice Rolling Variable Player Powers Role Playing Hex-and-Counter

Unlike the Classic Battle Tech: Starter Books, the Jihad series of scenario books is for players with experience with the Battle Tech system. Each book includes the historical background and fiction that describes the sitiuations described in the book. The series of events presented in these books unfold in a rolling format, allowing readers to immerse themselves more directly into the action than ever before. Each book includes scenarios to cover each of these situations. Additionally the books include a campaign system that can be used for the Battletech Boardgame or Roleplaying game to tie each of the individual situations together. The situations are designed to be easily scalable, which allows them to be used for any sized group of players, regardless of what type of equipment used (since not all units are created equal). The Books in this series Classic Battletech: Blake Ascending: A Jihad Compilation. This was originally two seperate books: Battletech: Dawn of the Jihad, covers the period when the Jihad began (Nov 3067) through approximately 3069 Battletech: Jihad Hot Spots covers the period of 3070 and 3071. Classic Battletech: Jihad Hot Spots - 3072 covers the period of 3072 and 3073 and includes new technical readouts of new units, including 6 Word of Blake Mechs. Classic Battletech: Jihad Hot Spots - 3076 is listed as "coming soon" (as of 1/09). More books in this series are planned, since the storyline is planned to cover two decades of 'history' in the Battletech universe.

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