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3 - 8 players
average 20 minutes
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Party Game
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Play personality detective as you unravel the inner workings of your friends’ minds. They have secrets, and so do you. Maybe there’s a maverick inside you; can your friends predict what you will do? Or will you keep them guessing while you expose their inner selves to the world? In every round of Rorschach, each player picks an inkblot that answers a question asked on a card. To win the game, you must pick the same inkblot as each other player at least once, and you must be the only one to pick an inkblot at least once. Can you figure out whether the other players are giving honest answers? Or are they trying to pick the same inkblot they think you will choose? Can you throw them off your scent so as to make a unique selection for an extra point? Subterfuge abounds in this game of skill, timing, and intrigue. Rorschach contains 100 new and unique inkblot cards that are large, widely varied, and graphically stunning. The question deck covers a broad range of topics, keeping play fresh every time. One expansion is planned for the game, adding an even larger selection of questions and blots, and additional questions and inkblots will be available to print from

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