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Toboggans of Doom
2 - 4 players
average 30 minutes
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Fantasy Humor
Dice Rolling Tile Placement

The feel of the wind on your face, the sight of the finish line just over the next snow bank…and the elation of rocket-jumping over evil trees while being chased by a phalanx of chainsaw-wielding snowmen! It’s the wild challenge of extreme downhill sledding against a hill of crazy, zany, fun obstacles in Toboggans of Doom! Compete to acquire the coolest, most effective upgrades to survive the various obstacles that cover the hill. Can you use gadget legs to get over your ex-girlfriend? Will you power up for orbital re-entry to plow through the Viking Opera? Will the other players laugh as they fly over your broken toboggan…only to fall into a volcanic fissure? Toboggans of Doom has a unique bidding system where each player uses a collection of dice to bid on different upgrades. Designed for fantastic two person play, up to four players can join in just by adding additional dice to the game, beautifully illustrated by CCG artist Jason Engle. Toboggans of Doom plays simple and fast, with three rounds of building toboggans, hurtling down the hill, and sledding for your life!

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