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The 15 Greatest Board Games in the World
1 - 5 players
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Abstract Strategy Ancient Action / Dexterity
Dice Rolling Point to Point Movement Roll / Spin and Move

15 great games chosen because they are easy to learn, reward multiple playings & appeal to a wide variety of players.... plus, the kids at El Carmelo Elementary liked 'em. :-) Hoppers / Mini-Hoppers (Halma on a 10x10 and 4x4 board, respectively) The Game of Y The Royal Game of Ur Surround (a Go variant) Corsaro Solitaire Pentominoes Morris (Nine Men's & Three Men's) Scatter (Conspirateurs) Tigers & Goats (Bagh Chal) Roundabouts (Surakarta) Fanorona China Moon Checkers (Everyday, Giveaway & Super King) Push Penny Bounce

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