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Cheesy Gonzola
2 - 5 players
average 30 minutes
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Maze Animals Expansion for Base-game Memory
Action Point Allowance System Memory

This Expansion for Château Roquefort adds an extra tower, some tiles, a special mouse wearing a sombrero and makes it possible to play with 5 players. From the publisher: Cheesy Gonzola conquers Chateau Roquefort ! The hungriest mouse under the cheese sky sprints arrow fast over roofs. With its Sombrero it is immune even to mousetraps. In addition, all other rodents let it be gone well: A secret course to the storage room provides for inexhaustible palate joys. And the new siege tower is used by the rodents only too gladly for a round trip around the "largest mousetrap of the world". Cheesy Gonzola spoils the castle friends with a development of the three-dimensional experience world and offers further variety at possibilities of action, which are everything else as "cheese". Expands: Château Roquefort

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