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Monopoly Town
2 - 4 players
average 20 minutes
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Economic Racing Electronic Children's Game
Set Collection Roll / Spin and Move

This is a preschool level version of Monopoly with some effort at providing educational value. Push Mr Monopoly's head and then move forward as many spaces as he tells you. Involves the usual Monopoly gameplay of building and collecting rent. Publisher's description: " Join Mr. Monopoly as he makes his way around town! Mr. Monopoly does all the talking to guide you through town-if he tells you to move forward 2 spaces, you know what to do! If you make a mistake, he'll let you know! Play money and building blocks help make counting fun. And building is easy-just add a block when you land on a colored space. No reading required. Game board comes with Mr. Monopoly in a car, track (in 4 pieces), play money, green building blocks, 28 roofs and instructions. Adult assembly required."

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