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Scrabble Junior: Dora the Explorer Edition
1 - 4 players
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Explore the magic of wordplay with Dora and her friends. Play your very first game of scrabble with Dora and her friends. Learn simple words in English and Spanish. Teaches word building and letter recognition. Two different games and two levels of play for both younger and older kids. Features double sided board, double sided cards and auto-corrective tiles. This edition of Scrabble Junior has a two-sided board, one for English words and one for Spanish words. The rules play similarly to other editions of Scrabble Junior. The goal is to lay down letter tiles one at a time to complete words pre-printed on the board. Letter tiles are played twice per turn, and must be used from the beginning of each word and sequentially toward the end. All tiles are face up once held by a player. Kids learn the strategy of maximizing point values for themselves while preventing points for other players. They also learn its okay if other players do earn points because of the rules that a letter must be played if a space is available to play it on. Players use all the tiles available to cover all of the spaces on the board.

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