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I Say, Holmes!
3 - 8 players
average 45 minutes
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Card Game Deduction Murder/Mystery Novel-based
Hand Management Card Drafting Memory

The game is afoot as you leave Holmes’ apartment at 221-B Baker Street and make your way through London and The Country to solve a mysterious case. Travel about by Train or Hansom Cab to visit locations like Scotland Yard, the West End, a Country Village, or return to Baker Street where interesting twists ensue. Players will find clues, receive telegrams, don disguises, call the local constabulary, deal with inspectors, and name suspects in their pursuit to discover and arrest the villains who are hiding in other player’s card hands. Are you a mastermind who can find a villain like Professor Moriarty, or will he manage to flee England and escape? Time scale: Each game equals one case that is chock full of movement, locations, information, suspicion and action.

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