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101 giochi con carta e matita
2 - 399 players
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Economic Political Abstract Strategy Travel Bluffing Science Fiction Fighting Adventure Wargame Deduction Word Game Territory Building Party Game Maze Action / Dexterity Sports Memory Environmental Number Educational Book Math Video Game Theme
Area Control / Area Influence Simultaneous Action Selection Tile Placement Area Enclosure Pattern Building Pattern Recognition Point to Point Movement Route/Network Building Betting/Wagering Memory Secret Unit Deployment Simulation Paper-and-Pencil Line Drawing

One of the most complete books about paper and pencil games in the world. It contains 101 games among traditional, less known and totally original ones, all to be played with just paper and pencils. Featuring contributions by renown game designers as Spartaco Albertarelli, Domenico Di Giorgio, Alessandro Gatti, Dan Glimne, Beppi Menozzi, Paolo Mori, Water Obert, Pier Giorgio Paglia, Silvano Sorrentino and Andrés Voicu. Rules, variants, history, anecdotes, problems and strategy/tactics notes are included. In the '90s, a previous Super Sharp Pencil & Paper Games featuring 50 games (39 in the English and Korean editions) appeared. In 2008 a reduced version for children, with rewriteable boards, has been published by Editoriale Scienza as "Battaglia navale e altri giochi con carta e matita". In 2016 another reduced edition with 48 games, aimed to families, appeared as "Giochiamo insieme con carta e matita", by Edizioni Sonda.

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