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Zwergen Ziehen
2 - 4 players
average 20 minutes
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Card Game
Hand Management

Each night, in two neighboring gardens in a sleepy suburb, an astonishing spectacle takes place: Colorful garden gnomes awaken from their statuesque slumber, straining and stretching themselves in order to move their stiff limbs. They form two teams and with the help of a garden hose that they place under a fence, the gnomes organize a Tug-of-War. They shout, moan, swear, and insult each other. Sweat streams down in large drops from under their gnomish hats. They try to pull together at the fence. Squirrels from the neighborhood hurry to gather there. They can’t sleep with all the noise and they gather at the garden's edge in order to watch the spectacle. Garden dwarves make a "pull the rope" competition. During his turn, each player plays a card which allows him to add a dwarf of a certain color on his side of the rope or to make dwarves of a particular color stronger (or weaker). When dwarves are actually pulling the rope, you slide a part of the cute little board.

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