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Danger Guy
2 - 4 players
average 20 minutes
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Card Game

An envelope game a-la 'Cheapass' style from Alien Menace, a newer contender in the simple, inexpensive, low-budget market. From the publisher: You’ve seen him trapped beneath a fallen vending machine, burnt with acid, and even pulled into a wood chipper. He boldly stands between you and the perils of the modern world. He is Danger Guy, a faceless hero throwing his very body in harms way to protect the innocent, the hapless, and the stupid.. Using cards, counters, and the exclusive Anthropomorphic Danger Guy Cut-Outs you and your friends will face roaring fires, flashing blades, crushing weights, and much more as you plot your course through Danger Guy’s perilous world, countering dangers and seeding hazards as you go. Every danger mitigated is a point for you, every hazard an obstacle to your opponents, but remember, Danger Guy has only one ticket home: Death

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