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Death Wears White
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Party Game

From the Publisher's Website: Who killed the Doctor? In Detroit's Brighton Hospital, a well-known and well-liked doctor has just been found dead. The staff and visitors present at the time of the murder gather, and the inevitable begins - find out who committed the evil deed before they can escape! Welcome to the world of Murder Mysteries. You like dark affairs, somewhat twisted plots, mystery, uncertain motives and bulletproof alibis? Stop being nothing more than a spectator - this time, you're the one leading the investigation! Put aside an evening, call up a bunch of friends, hand out the roles and the action can begin. A bloody crime was committed, and the assassin is among the guests present tonight... unless you're the killer! This box contains all the elements you need to spend a fun evening trying to solve a murder - the only thing missing are the guests! Contains: • one booklet for the organizer • one booklet for the players • 9 character booklets • 2 game aid sheets • one clue booklet • 25 full color clues to be handed out • one sheet of three fake (temporary) tattoos • two photographs of ballistic evidence

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