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Memoir '44: Winter 2007 Scenario
average 60 minutes
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Wargame World War II Expansion for Base-game
Dice Rolling Hand Management Modular Board Campaign / Battle Card Driven

This postcard expansion contains one Memoir '44 battle scenario - Baraque de Fraiture (Parker's Crossroads) - December 20-23, 1944 - as part of the Battle of the Bulge. The postcard was created as a holiday season limited edition by Days of Wonder and made available via their website or FLGS. The scenario can now be downloaded from Days of Wonder's Memoir '44 Military Archives page. In addition to the base game, the Eastern Front and Winter/Desert Board Map expansions are required for play. Part of the Memoir '44 series. Expands: Memoir '44 (required) Memoir '44: Eastern Front (required) Memoir '44: Winter/Desert Board Map (recommended)

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