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The Legend of Landlock
2 - 4 players
average 20 minutes
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Abstract Strategy
Tile Placement

In this quick 2-player game, you take turns placing tiles that depict either bridges or streams, ultimately forming a 6x6 square. You score points by connecting your path (or stream) to as many sides of the square as possible, and by isolating your opponent's stream (or path). As you may have to place tiles that not only help you (and hinder your opponent), but also tiles that may hinder you (and help your opponent), there is a depth of strategy that is belied by whimsical art of the cardboard tiles. Similar to Carcassonne and Ta Yü, but plays more quickly. 2nd Place 1989 Hippodice Spieleautorenwettbewerb. 2002 Mensa Select

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