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Horse Race
2 - 8 players
average 37 minutes
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Card Game Dice Racing
Dice Rolling Card Drafting

A horse-racing game that uses dice for horse movement and cards for your "bets". Summary: There is no wagering in this game. You simply gain money by the cards you have in your hand. The numbered card you have in your hand corresponds to the horse on the track (horse #2 is a 2 on the card, horse#11 is a Jack, etc.) Movement of the horse is rolled for (if you roll a 3, move horse #3 one space). Play goes on until one horse reaches the end. Whoever has the most cards in their hand of the horse that has won wins the pot. Poker chips are needed for this game, but they are to keep track of points. At least 4 variants are needed. Contents: 11 horses 1 deck of playing cards 2 dice and a set of rules

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