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Amsterdams Gezelschapsspel
2 - 4 players
average 60 minutes
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Territory Building
Area Control / Area Influence Dice Rolling Tile Placement Roll / Spin and Move

From the back of the bookcase: You play this new game on the plan of a real town. Entrepreneurs try to get their corporations off the ground. But look out! The competition is deadly. Everybody wants to build his or her empire in the downtown center. Space is at a premium, the battle for the best lot is fierce. Who's going to make the fewest concessions and become the most successful operator around town? Complete with beautiful playing board, 80 cards, 8 tokens, 3 dies, full set of easy-to-understand rules and background information about the companies. Accept this challenge and test your business feeling now. Good luck! Players are competing to be the first to place four sections of their five corporations on the most valuable lots. A 2d3 roll determines how players move their two tokens along the X and Y axis of the gameboard; the sum of these coordinates determine the lot's value in terms of victory points, and players then have the choice to place one of their corporation tiles. If doubles are thrown, a player must roll a third special die that will grant another turn, a lost turn, or free movement to any site.

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