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2 - 6 players
average 20 minutes
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DragonCraft is a card game about the players playing Hero cards to acquire and hatch valuable Dragon Eggs. The first player to have three victory points provided by hatched dragons wins. The heroes are usually spending their time in the inn, waiting for adventure. They wait until all four are present in the party - fighter, thief, mage and priest. These days there is a high demand for captured dragons so then they go to the dungeon and return with a captured dragon egg (well they do their best to choose an egg with a dragon inside but sometimes they pick the wrong one containing something worthless like a giant snake or an ostrych). This is the most noble and heroic way to acquire a dragon egg. Real heroes do it this way. There are some players with less honor who take an easier approach. An approach that includes stealth and shady figures in cloaks. Those players may simply steal eggs from other players. (Actually this happens pretty often) You may say that this is not that heroic and noble but the result is the same and the dragon egg is as good as one that the heroes could get from a long and exhausting adventure. The acquired egg still needs to hatch. If you have the right cards - two mages - you can hatch the egg. This is a very delicate process where the mages have to use their magic very carefully so that the creature inside the egg is not hurt. (but usually they just blast it with fireballs) Hatched dragons give victory points and the player who first has three wins. —description from the designer

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