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The Pillars of the Earth: New Craftsmen
2 - 6 players
average 120 minutes
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Economic Medieval Novel-based Expansion for Base-game
Worker Placement

This expansion to the base game is available in the Spielbox magazine 6/07. They are also included in The Pillars of the Earth Expansion Set! (Mayfair Games edition only!) and in the German special edition The new craftsmen cards in this expansion are: Beggar (Bettler) Day Laborer (Tagelöhner) Tinsmith (Zinngießer) Goldsmith (Goldschmied) Market Warden (Marktwart) Gardener (Gartenbauer) From the publisher: "Here are six new craftsmen you can add to your Pillars of the Earth games! They are compatible with both the basic game and the expansion. These craftsmen are mixed together with the ones in the basic game (and the expansion if you are using it). But the number of craftsmen available is not increased. In 2-4 player games, only four craftsmen are available each round, as normal (two on the spaces in Shiring, and two below the board with the resource cards). In 5 or 6 player games, there are five craftsmen each round (three below the board). Before the game begins, randomly remove one craftsman from each round, and return them unseen to the box." Expands: The Pillars of the Earth Buy Microbadges Pillars of the Earth Fan Pillars of the Earth - I pimped my cathedral

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