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Fish On!
2 - 12 players
average 30 minutes
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Roll / Spin and Move

"The fishing game for young and old." Created by a resident of Dowagiac, Michigan (home of the Heddon lures), Fish On! is a simple game that uses spinners and cards. Players spin Spinner #1 to see if a fish is caught. If caught, then the player spins Spinner #2 to see which species (five possible) and draws a card (from Stack #1) to determine how many pounds and points the fish is worth. Final results are determined by Spinner #3 (results include throwing the fish back, landing the fish, or drawing a card from Stack #2). The game includes a board (with the spinners, two decks of dedicated cards, and a pad of score sheets. Game production and distribution was generally limited to Dowagiac.

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