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Gran Hotel
2 - 4 players
average 45 minutes
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Economic Negotiation
Auction/Bidding Roll / Spin and Move

Another Monopoly-like game. Each player has a value scale card with 6 levels. All players start with level 1, and in many different ways their level will be changing during the game. When the level is high, the cost for buying hotels is also high, but at the same time you make more money when other players (?)fall(?) in your hotels. The hotels are build in different areas, and each area has a number of stars. Hotels in areas with a lot of stars will give you more money. Box contents: - 1 square board - 1 dice - 4 "meeples" - 36 hotels (9 of each 4 different colors) - 24 "?" cards - 4 values scale cards - A lot of money

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