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Hack Attack
average 10 minutes
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Abstract Strategy Deduction
Tile Placement Pattern Building Modular Board

Hack Attack is played with 12 plastic pieces in green, orange and purple. 6 of these pieces are cubes and 6 are pyramids. There are 12 board strips with green, orange and purple squares. The object of the game is to get one of each color (green, orange and purple) of your game pieces (one player is cubes and one player is pyramids) in a row (vertically or horizontally) on the matching colors of the board strips. The board strips are shuffled and dealt out 6 to each player. The first player lays one of their board strips and places one of their game pieces on one of the squares. Game pieces MUST be played on squares of the same color of the game piece. The next player may then either place one of their game pieces on the same board or lay down another board next to the first one long sides touching and places one of their game pieces on the board strip just played. After all 6 of a player's game pieces have been played, they may move any of their game pieces to a new position, either on a board that has already been placed or on a new board. After all of a player's board strips have been placed, they are limited to placing their game pieces on the boards already in play. So ... You may ONLY play your pieces on a square that is the same color as that piece. (e.g. a purple piece can only be played on a purple square.) You may only place your board strips LONG sides touching with all squares aligned. If you lay a board strip down you MUST play a game piece on that board. If you choose not to lay down a new board strip on your turn, you MUST play a game piece on an existing board strip. The winning row of 3 game pieces may be all on 1 board or lengthwise over 3 boards, but it may not be diagonal. Only one game piece may be played on each square. You can ONLY move the position of your game pieces on the board after ALL of your pieces have been placed. This is a 2-player game for ages 10 and over.

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