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The Battle for Normandy
2 - 8 players
average 240 minutes
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Wargame World War II
Dice Rolling Hex-and-Counter Simulation

From the GMT Website: The Battle for Normandy is a game that represents the climactic campaign in Normandy from D-Day, 6 June 1944 to the first week of August 1944 at primarily battalion level. Numerous scenarios are included to play out various smaller battles in Normandy. It is intended for two players or player teams. The game uses a unique sequence of play and a system of fire combat throughout the airdrop and beach assault phases with company-level breakdown units, then a more traditional odds-type combat approach throughout the rest of the game. Initial beach defense deployments at start and daily air support and defense allocations, hidden to the opposing player; create a level of uncertainty that makes for a tense, challenging duel. The game combines a detailed, extensively researched order of battle with relatively fast-playing game mechanics to make it not only the largest representation of the Normandy campaign available to date, but a manageable one that is meant to be played, not shelved. Scenarios include ‘Bloody Omaha’, ‘Operation Epsom’, ‘Cobra’, ‘The Fight for Cherbourg’ and more. A future expansion will extend the play area south, to include the Mortain and Falaise scenarios, and extend the campaign to late August and the 3rd Army breakout. Game Equipment: One Rule Book One Scenario Book Five (5) 22x34” full color Maps Nine (9) full color counter sheets 8-1/2x11” Allied Air Allocation Log (laminated) 8-1/2x11” Axis AAA Allocation Log (laminated) 11x17” Turn Record Track 8-1/2x11” Terrain Effects Chart (x2) 8-1/2x11” Repl/Recon/Weather chart (x2) 8-1/2x11” German Record Track 8-1/2x11” Allied Record Track 8-1/2x11” Combat Results Table (x2) Dice - 3d6 and 1d10

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