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Cat Attack
2 - 6 players
average 120 minutes
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Cat Attack, suitable for two to six players, aged 8 years and over and made entirely in the EU. The game has been designed with the fun strategy player in mind. Playing time 40 - 180+ mins depending on the number of players. The game Cat Attack is based on the trials and tribulations of the domestic cat. The board represents a local neighborhood. Each player is a (model) cat that lives in its own house. To win the game a cat must fill its larder with six items of food. There is milk at the Dairy, vitamins at the Vet, fish from the Fishmonger and a tin of cat food from the corner shop. There are also (model) birds and mice, which the cats have to catch. Of course, each cat begins the game with nine lives; any cat that loses all of its nine lives is out of the game. Players are dealt a hand of Mog cards; these and a die provide the means to move the cats, birds and mice. The players can choose to move their cats along garden walls or paths or, the more adventurous can travel round the road, this route is a lot quicker but there is a car. Cats can raid other cats larders and attack one another. A pack of Curiosity cards dictate, at random, when the shops open and close and movements of the (model) car. A Curiosity card is picked up when a cat lands on a Curiosity square. Some of these cards are good news but you know what happened to the curious cat!

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