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2 - 4 players
average 10 minutes
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Card Game Dice
Hand Management

Be the best Barista by trying to brew the perfect cup of coffee. But, be careful. You may just spill your masterpiece. In Barista, players compete to be the first to brew a customer's specialty coffee drink, as ordered. The player who brews the cup first, or comes closest to it, will earn tips toward victory as the best Barista. Each round, 4 dice are rolled, each representing one aspect of the specialty coffee to be brewed. Generally on a player's turn, he will draw a card and discard a card, trying to match the symbols rolled on the dice. As players acquire these cards, they are played face-down in front of them. There are Action cards to turn the tables a bit, as well as cards to earn or lose tip money. Perhaps you will wish to make a 'Barista Challenge' against the other players. Think your coffee will beat someone else's? Go ahead, make their day. But, how about just making some coffee. The game comes with 56 cards, 4 special dice, a coffee mug dice cup/tip jar, 20 tokens (tips), a special token bag, and rules that could be written a bit better. All in all, a good experience for specialty coffee fans everywhere.

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