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2 - 6 players
average 105 minutes
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Economic Negotiation Aviation / Flight Transportation
Dice Rolling Hand Management

Wings is a exciting game of strategy and business in the fantastic aeronautic world. Each player starts the game with a MD-83 plane to accomplish an itinerary between two cities of the world. To do so, they will have to fly from city to city to reach the destiny's airport; buy players have to be foresighted when they decide which flights to get, because the room for planes in each airport is limited! The more itineraries accomplished, the more money earned to buy more planes to create an airline that allows plays of high strategy, to get connections which give the opportunity to accomplish a higher number of itineraries taking advantage of the planes, to assure spaces in each of the airports, to block routes to force other planes to change direction, and to get a lot of money to build an AERONAUTIC MONOPOLY!

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