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2 - 5 players
average 20 minutes
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Card Game Racing Animals
Card Drafting

Another one from the Pepys Double Feature Games series. The game contains 17 gallop cards, 20 jump cards (4 each of 5 colours), 10 water jump cards (2 each of 5 colours), 4 fall cards and 4 whip cards. Added is a paper playing mat enforced with raw canvas on the back and 5 cardboard horses on coloured wooden stands. In this horse racing card game players try to be the first past the post. To achieve this they have to find the best moves with their hand of 5 cards. This game is really tricky, as some cards allow only one horse of a certain colour to move and some other cards affect all horses. As there are also several obstacles on the course which require certain cards to surmount you have to find the best moment when to play which card to move your horse and to hinder the others. If you want, you can use a portion of the mat to place bets for the horses.

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