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2 - 4 players
average 52 minutes
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Dice Aviation / Flight Industry / Manufacturing
Dice Rolling Set Collection Card Drafting

Description from publisher: By cleverly combining the three colored dice with the values on the cards, you take part in building zeppelins and finally the famous Hindenburg. Renè from "Giganten der Lüfte (working-title "Zeppelin") is a very tactical dice-game. You need mechanics, engines, and workshops.... Only the player with the best combination of those will successfully take part in building the Hindenburg." Giganten der Lüfte is not comparable to Lucky Loop or Alhambra - the dice game. It is comparable to games like Kingsburg and To Court the King, where you use the dice as a form of resources to manage, as well as a method of purchasing other resources. Artwork by Jo Hartwig. Microbadges:

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