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Einfach Genial Knobelspass
1 - 4 players
average 15 minutes
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Racing Puzzle
Tile Placement

Einfach Genial Knobelspass (Ingenious Puzzles) is the next game in the Einfach Genial line. In EGK, players place Ingenious dominoes to match the pattern on each play board. Through deduction and logic, players figure out where each domino belongs since no spaces can remain, all dominoes must fit on the board and there is only one unique combination for each one. Each of the 1 to 4 players gets an identical set of 21 dominoes that have the same colored back and each player is given a board. Then you all race to solve the puzzles. Whoever solves his puzzle problem first wins. There are five levels of puzzle, providing an opportunity for more and more challenging levels of competitive play. You can handicap more experienced or older players by having them play a higher level of board. This is similar to Domino Knobelspass, which uses regular dominoes.

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