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Wall Street
2 - 6 players
average 120 minutes
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Designed by Swedish TV celebrity Lasse Kronér. The game has some similarities to Monopoly but adds a number of twists. Players buy companies and/or stocks/funds from a range of international banks. The dividend of the funds and stocks is determined through rolls with one or two dice. Players have to pay rent when landing on someone else's company. The rent is a fixed cost depending on if the company has buildings or not. Players can at times during the game be forced to put one of their companies up for auction. The players move on the board using markers. The players can optionally buy one of two types of cars that will cause the player to move across the board at different speeds. Using "the wreck" the player always has to roll two dice. The more expensive "sports car" gives the player the option of using one OR two dice when rolling for a move. Every time the players are back at the beginning on the circular board they get and/or pay interest depending on how much money the player have in the bank and if there are any outstanding loans. The current interest rate is determined every now and then using dice rolls. The winner is the first player with 4 million in cash OR the first player who owns a complete corporation (all companies in a group) and 1.5 million in cash.

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