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Pocket Ungame: Families
2 - 8 players
average 60 minutes
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Card Game

This is the Family version of Ungame. This set has new cards that are specifically designed for siblings and parents to get to know each other better and explore each other's feelings. There are 140 cards divided into two decks of 70 cards each. The first deck contains lighter questions such as, "If our family inherited a million dollars, I would like for us to _______." Most of the questions in the first deck are about families in general and not about individual members of the family. The second deck is composed of more specific questions, such as describing your feelings about other family members or explaining how you felt when a family-member hurt your feelings. Other cards allow the player to talk about any subject they choose. Players take turns drawing cards and answering the questions on them in a few sentences. Most of the rules are considered as guidelines, such as the "hint" to keep your answers fairly short, but the Rule of Silence during another player's answer must be observed. As with other games in the Ungame series, there is no winner or loser. The object of the game is to spend quality time with your family and learn more about the thought and feelings of those closest to you.

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