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High Hand
2 - 4 players
average 60 minutes
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Abstract Strategy Card Game
Card Drafting Partnerships

High Hand is a card game played on a board. 36 cards are placed on 6×6 grid. Each player moves their pieces like a Rook in Chess and captures the card they land on. The object is to form the best 5-card Poker hand. In the four player Partnership game, one player picks any other player to be his partner. If the Partner has the high hand, the Declarer scores 50 and Partner 100. If one of the other players has the high hand, both score 25 each. If the Declarer has the High Hand, no one scores any points. Game is highest score after 5 rounds. It's almost identical to one of the games in the Abbott's New Card Games book, but played with a custom deck instead of a standard one.

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