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Anno Domini: Erfindungen
2 - 8 players
average 30 minutes
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Bluffing Party Game Trivia

Each Anno Domini set consists of 336 cards, with a description of a historical event on one side of the card, and the year in which it happened on the other. Each player receives nine of these cards, and may only look at the descriptions. Each player in turn puts a card on the table, trying to put them in chronological order. A player may, instead of adding a card, claim that the order in which the cards were put is incorrect. In this case all cards are turned over and the correct years revealed. If the order was correct then the doubting player receives two cards and skips a turn. If the order was incorrect then the previous player, who accepted the order as correct, receives three cards. The first player that gets rid of all the cards wins. Bluffing is as least as important as knowledge in this game. Most events are rather obscure and are hard to date. Part of the Anno Domini series.

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