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Destination Wild West
2 - 4 players
average 90 minutes
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American West Transportation
Pick-up and Deliver

The year is 1865. In the U.S., the taming of the West is at its peak. Railway lines are busy building a transcontinental railroad linking the East and West. Competition between the biggest companies is fierce: each is trying to lay down the longest track. During this period, pioneers from very different backgrounds were brought together. Their interactions created a new and mythical society in a land of natural beauty. Many of these settlers carved out a place in history. It is in this legendary world that you must build your own railroad and board as many passengers as possible. However, be aware of the dangers: tribes trying to protect their land, a harsh environment full of surprises, and outlaws prowling the desert in search of riches. Keep an eye on your opponents, and a closer one on your friends, for each person is trying to beat you to the ultimate destination: the Wild West!

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