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2 - 4 players
average 30 minutes
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Fantasy Card Game Collectible Components Fighting
Dice Rolling Role Playing

Corunea is a Role Playing Card Game, it uses cards and dice to describe and simulate various adventures played by 2 to 4 players in the lands of Corunea. Corunea is meant to be played on a table, using its own cards, a few dice and not a single other element. No calculating system or tokens are required to play, nor are paper and pens necessary. Choosing the 50 cards of your deck is the equivalent of rolling a character in a classical Role Playing Game. Choosing the Adventure you are going to play is the same as choosing a storyline. It will set the length, places, events, encounters and goals of the game session. When played in short 1 versus 1 arena duels, Corunea feels a bit like a trading card game with dice, still providing a very different pace, actions panel, and tactical focus. When played in long 2 versus 2 adventures, Corunea feels more like a role playing game without a game master. Here again, the experience is quite different from a tabletop role playing game because of the competitive nature of the adventures. Being focused on your character, Corunea is intuitive and visual, as the actions you undertake are accurately simulated. You can nearly see your poisoned blade moving through the defense of your adversary, biting his armor and delivering his venom. You can nearly feel the faharn flowing through you as your call of fire is forming and see... your adversary plunging out of its flames... for this time. The arrows fly and you can almost hear their heads exploding on your target's shield, an axe follows, surprising the shield bearer and this time.cutting through his shoulder pad... After a Corunea fight, you could draw its story board very accurately, just by illustrating what happened. Playing Corunea you don't deal with abstract armies or summons, you are on the front line, your blade cutting through the foes, your mind bending the elements.

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