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Keys to the Kingdom
5 - 12 players
average 0 minutes
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Dice Memory Religious
Set Collection Roll / Spin and Move Memory Cooperative Play

Keys to the Kingdom is a boardgame that attempts to simulate the Christian life. The players roll the dice and move through 5 concentric bands. In order to progress, one must collect key cards, which represent faith, truth, and humility. Once all of these are collected, it is possible to move into the inner rings. However, once you have reached the inner rings, it is possible to help those who are stuck. You may give up your turn, in order to give one of your key cards to someone in need. For this kind deed, you receive a crown card. There are also a number of obstacles, including pride, doubt, deception, and the sins of flesh. Along the way, one may also need to draw a Scripture card. These include a Bible verse that you need to memorize before its your turn again in order to proceed. The game ends once a player reaches the center or when a timer goes off (the rapture option). The winner is the player with the most crown cards. Thus, victory goes to the player who helped the most other players.

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