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Tannhäuser: Wolf
2 - 10 players
average 60 minutes
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Miniatures Wargame Horror World War II World War I Expansion for Base-game Spies/Secret Agents
Dice Rolling Variable Player Powers

Wolfgang Otto Ludwig Friedrich, alias Wolf, is a mercenary with no loyalty, no scruples, and no mercy. Willing to work for either the Reich or the Union if the price is right, Wolf is a consummate professional and a valuable asset to either side. The Wolf single miniature pack comes with everything you need to include Wolf in your Tannhäuser game: one pre-painted Wolf figurine, character sheet, game tokens, and a rulebook including a special bonus scenario featuring Wolf. Wolf was originally a special promotional single miniature pack that was made available to all customers who preordered Tannhäuser either directly from Fantasy Flight's GenCon2007 booth or from the official FFG online store or participating brick-and-mortar retailers before August 25th, '07.

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