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2 - 4 players
average 20 minutes
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Card Game Party Game
Card Drafting

From publisher site: "On the Hill of Bulp a water spring has been discovered. The water is sufficient only for one of the surrounding villages and the governor, in order to avoid to be responsible for an embarrassing decision, chose to commit it to the first village that will succeed in constructing a pipeline to carry the water from the spring to the village. As soon as he did it the contest begun and all the villages of the zone have started the works!!! Who will be the first one to succeed, avoiding cheats and sabotages from the others? Bulp! is a placing and construction card game amusing and easy to learn. The scope of the game is to carry the water from the spring of Bulp to your village and to make it as fi rst. In order to reach this goal, every player constructs a pipeline and can sabotage the pipelines of the others using the cards in his possession"

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