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2 - 6 players
average 0 minutes
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Humor Educational Trivia Mature / Adult
Roll / Spin and Move Acting

From the manufacturer: Sex Drive is the rollicking adult game that challenges sexual know-how, show-how, and tell-how. Starting on the Outer Course, players answer questions or perform Body Shop tasks to show what they know about sex. The goal is to obtain your Sex Driver’s License, move to the Inner Course, and win by collecting certificates of knowledge from all 8 categories. Categories include women’s issues (Keeping A-Breast), men’s issues (Getting A-Head), sexual myths and fables (Trojan Horse Misconceptions), true or false statements (True or Phallus), and unusual or non-traditional practices (Pressed and Repressed). Players landing in the Body Shop will use hands-on skills to sculpt, draw, or act out their sexual knowledge. So grab a hot rod, hit the road and prove how much you know about Sex Drive!

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