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Napoleon at Bay: Defend the Gates of Paris, 1814
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Wargame Napoleonic
Action Point Allowance System Hex-and-Counter Simulation

Time:1430 hrs., February 9,1814 Place: The road north of Sezanne Napoleon has decided on a bold move northward against the advancing Prussian Army, and the movement commands have already filtered down to the front line forces. Fifty-man patrols of cavalry vedettes from Doumerc's I Cavalry Corps are screening the countryside for any signs of the enemy, especially the dreaded Cossacks with their long lances. But on this occasion, the Cossacks are off their guard and oblivious to the storm approaching. Napoleon at Bay gives you the vedettes, to conceal friendly forces and find enemy concentrations. Napoleon at Bay includes: Two 22" x 32" full color maps 360 color-coded playing pieces Seven Introductory Battle Scenarios Continuous 31 Turn Campaign Game Playing time up to one hour per turn Uses Standard Rules from The Campaigns of Napoleon Series Organization Displays to conceal force structure Command and Administration, March Attrition Individual Leader Initiative Forced March during the Enemy Turn Pitched Battle allows many rounds of combat Exclusive Rules and Historical Notes Cavalry Scouting & Screening All-new graphics All in a completely new 3rd edition GAME SYSTEM: CAMPAIGNS System - Series 1X = 3,200m/hex, 1,000 men/SP, 2 days/turn.

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